Gun Run Volume 2

So last week we hammered out our biceps now it’s time to devastate our triceps. Remember the tricep is 2/3 of you upper arm so you want to train them with the same enthusiasm and intensity as you do your biceps. By fully developing the tris your arms will naturally appear bigger!
We are going to start our assault at the cable station, with a straight bar attachment, do a couple light warm up sets of push downs.
Warmed up? Good let’s get back to work!

Exercise 1

Close grip push downs (straight bar): 4 sets 10-12 reps
For these keep your elbows tucked back and at your side, the only part of your body that moves is your forearm as you push the weight down. Just like biceps I want a very controlled rep! Push down with force, hold the contraction for a 1 count, 4 second negative and a pause to eliminate any momentum before you start your next rep.

Exercise 2

Close grip bench press on the smith machine: 4 sets 6-8 reps
I know what you’re thinking… really the smith? Trust me! The set up is a little different then your typical close grip press however…. I want you to hang you butt off the end of the bench, this changes the angle just slightly but is safer for your shoulders/ pec tendons. Again I want controlled reps, an explosive lift, 4 second negative, and a 2 count in the hole before starting your next rep. You can hate me after.

Exercise 3

Over head dumbbell extensions 3 sets 10-12 reps
These really stress the long head of the tricep and give your arm that hanging look when you do a front double bicep pose. Focus on getting a good stretch with the same rep tempo as push downs. The pump will be extraordinary!

Exercise 4

Machine dips 3 sets 10-12 reps
To finish off our tricep assault we are moving over to the dip machine. With the machine you can focus on a hard contraction, I want you to hold that contraction for a 2 count, 4 seconds negative and a pause at the top before your next rep.
And that’s it for triceps folks, your arms should be fried! Head on over to the locker room, slug back your post workout shake and admire your pumped up arms!

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