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Magnum Tonic™
Magnum Tonic™ offers the very best value for a natural testosterone support supplement. Using only the most advanced, innovative Pharmaceutical Grade ingredients, Magnum Tonic™ will increase your free-flowing testosterone in a matter of days.

Magnum Tonic™ is an excellent choice for a natural Testosterone supplement because:
• It has a potent supply of 4 of the top natural testosterone-boosting ingredients available
• It is the most affordable and truly the best value for testosterone therapy
• It has 900mg per capsule
• It includes Vitex berry, which is only found in the “higher-priced” test. products
• You will be harder and tighter very quickly
• You will not inhibit or disrupt your natural testosterone production
• Every ingredient is Pharmaceutical Grade
• There are no side-effects

Why take a testosterone booster?
Testosterone boosters are created for men and women looking to improve and support their natural testosterone production. These products are best used to enhance lean muscle mass, repair and support testosterone production that has been previously damaged, and increase the amount of free-flowing testosterone and your body’s ability to recognize more of what is already there.

A testosterone booster will produce the following results:
• Increased lean muscle mass
• Support testosterone production and recognition without negatively impacting your body’s ability to do it naturally
• Make you feel younger
• Inhibit estrogen spiking
• Improved blood flow and hardening (everywhere!)

• Harder, leaner muscles
• Increased energy and vitality
• Decreased lower body-fat
• Increased sexual appetite
• A more natural hormonal rhythm

90 capsules


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