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REHAB is without a doubt the most advanced, scientifically superior post-workout muscle and joint repair formula ever developed for hardcore bodybuilders. At the onset of every highly active dose, REHAB anabolically overloads your system creating a state of extreme hyperaminoacidemia in the bloodstream. In precise sequential order, REHAB then helps to spike insulin levels to shut down the catabolic action of cortisol and shotgun all the anabolic rich nutrients from the blood straight into your muscles! On top of that, REHAB is concentrated with advanced joint repair and reconstruction compounds to ensure your joints can handle the extreme loads and relentless smashing you inflict on them with every weight you destroy!

• Ignites excessive muscle protein synthesis for rapid gains in size & strength
• Speeds anabolic rich nutrients into hard trained muscles
• Promotes accelerated muscle & joint reconstruction
• Crushes destructive catabolic activity post-workout
REHAB is the most potent anabolic fix your muscle will ever crave post-workout. To satisfy your muscles needs for anabolic rich nutrients after a hard session in the gym, mix up 1 potent serving of REHAB (2 level scoops) with 12-16 oz. of cold water and consume immediately after your workout! For maximum effects, never miss a serving of REHAB post workout – ever!

2.8 LBS

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