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The Ultimate Fat Loss Stack Is Back!
If you’ve been around the fat loss game for long, you know about the ECA stack. It’s an undeniably effective combination of fat busting ingredients that were banned from use in Canada. Now it’s officially back and approved by Health Canada in a highly effective potency. Lose the pounds faster than ever before with The Stack! Only from Precision.

Daily Dose Provides:
*320mg of Caffeine
*40mg of Synephrine
*30mg of Salicin

Synephrine – Specifically targets fat burning (lipolysis) without increasing heart rate or raising blood pressure.
Caffeine – Stimulates the central nervous system to keep you energized and in a thermogenic (fat burning) state. It also promotes the breakdown of stored fat for fuel.
White Willow Bark – Acts as a natural alternative to Aspirin, helping to thin the blood, balance any stimulant-related spikes to blood pressure and improve oxygen and energy transport all throughout the body.

*Increase energy without the anxiety or jitters
*Ignite your metabolism & turn up fat burning potential all day long
*Suppress your appetite & kill the cravings that defeat you
*Protect your hard earned muscle from dieting
*Train harder & get ripped faster!

90 Capsules


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