Precision Tribulus Stack



Hi-Potency Tribulus Formula with complementary support nutrients.
*Increases total free testosterone
*Suppresses estrogen production and prevents aromatization
*Reduces DHT production to prevent acne, hair loss, gynecomastia and other testosterone related side effects
*Improves strength & stamina
*Stack with D-Aspartic Acid for even better results

Tribulus, Nettle Leaf, and Fenugreek Extract – This unique combination of proven ingredients will naturally stimulate your body’s testosterone production, in order to maximize your gains and increase your strength and stamina.

Red Ginseng – Assists in recovery from exercise (or any other stress), increases energy levels and improves mood.

Avena Sativa – Works to free up bound testosterone that’s stuck to other compounds in your body, rather than just increasing overall testosterone levels. It essentially makes available testosterone more efficient.

Chrysin – supports the suppression of estrogen production and the prevention of testosterone converting into estrogen. Chrysin helps to fight aromatization – the subsequent production of estrogen after a rise in testosterone.

90 Capsules


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