Progressive HCP Support



Preparing Prebiotic

Consuming a full spectrum probiotic is of obvious benefit, but in order to maximize its impact you need to begin by preparing the intestinal terrain for proper implantation. HCP®Support helps to establish conditions that will allow friendly bacteria to take hold and flourish. If probiotics are new seeds in a farmer’s field, the terrain preparing prebiotic weeds, waters and fertilizes the soil beforehand.

*Prepares the intestinal environment for probiotic implantation
*Nourishes intestinal flora to support colonization and proliferation
*Reduces the adhesion and inhibits the growth of unfriendly bacteria
*Protects against yeast and pathogenic microbes

*Multiple Oligosaccharides
*Cranberry & Elderberry Extracts
*Jerusalem Artichoke & Red Wine
*Colostrum & Lactoferrin
*Full Colonizing Support

60 Capsules


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