PVL Essentials Glutamine




60% of all free form amino acids in our bodies is Glutamine – exercise also depletes Glutamine levels up to 50%. Our exclusive glutamine provides unmatched recovery and immune boosting benefits. Certified free from contaminates or animal products. Micronized for the highest solubility & uptake. Tested to USP pharmaceutical standards for safety, purity and efficacy.

◾Improves muscle repair 25%
◾Boosts immunity 32%
◾Improves digestive health
◾No animal products
◾Comes in 3 flavours: Natural Orange, Blue Raspberry, and Unflavoured
◾Available sizes: 400 g (Natural Orange, Blue Raspberry, Unflavoured), and 1000 g (Unflavoured)

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Blue Rasberry, Orange, Unflavored


1000g, 400g


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