Gun Run Volume 1

Arms are a status symbol, a beach muscle so to speak, however they are usually the first thing a person will notice. No they won’t compliment you on those cows you call calves hanging off your lower leg, or even the hammy drop and sweeping quads that took years of heavy iron to develop, they will notice how big your biceps look stretching your t-shirt sleeves.

All that aside if you want to develop a complete physique you’re arms need to be fully developed, besides who doesn’t love a good shirt splitting arm pump?

We are going to start the onslaught with a couple warm up sets of standing DB curls, don’t get crazy with these yet, we are just trying to get some blood in the arm as well as work on connecting with the bicep for good quality contractions.

Once warm it’s time to turn it up…..

Exercise 1

Standing alternating DB curls 4 sets of 6-10 reps
What I want for all 4 sets is a very slow rep speed. We are after a explosive concentric (lift) a 1 second hold at the contraction, 5 second concentric (lowering) and a 1 second pause in the stretch. So each rep should take roughly 8 seconds to perform so pick your weight accordingly because these will hurt.

Exercise 2

Machine preacher curls 4 sets of 8-12 reps

Let’s blow up those peaks here! Again we want a slow rep speed, explosive concentric, 1 count at the contraction, 4 count eccentric and a 1 count Pause in the stretch. If these don’t pump up your biceps nothing will!

Exercise 3

Seated Hammer curls 4 sets 8-10 reps.

You’re biceps should be full of blood and already starting to hurt from being so pumped, but no arm is complete without some forearm and brachialis work. Same rep speed as the preacher curls here. Really squeeze the handle of the dumbbell as you lift it, this will help you connect better with the bicep and forearm.

So there’s 12 sets for biceps the time under tension here is long and should really stimulate every fibre in your bicep, keep your rest times between sets to about 90 seconds.

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